Andrew’s Worst Christmas Gift Ever

FUSE: “My Worst Xmas Gift Every: Andrew W.K.”

We’d love to think that every gift we give for the holidays is a sweet, thoughtful gesture that the recipient will cherish forever. This is usually crap. Sometimes, your gift sucks and our favorite musicians are not immune to crappy presents. Andrew W.K. kicks off a new series of “My Worst Christmas Gift Ever.”

The worst Christmas gift I ever got was a fruit basket. I used to get them from friends of my parents or people that weren’t relatives or close friends. Maybe they were a little bit older or they thought somehow that this was a nice thoughtful gift because it’s healthy. You’d open this box and it was very nicely wrapped and there’d be an apple or pear or something. And it was even apples I didn’t like, like a Granny Smith apple. Maybe getting a rotten apple with a worm in it was a metaphor or something [laughs]. But I like fruit baskets and I love fruit but I can get that on my own anytime. I don’t want it as a gift. I don’t want it as trick-or-treat candy. It just doesn’t count.