Andrew’s Worst And First Interviews

Andrew gives Virgin Red Room his first and worst interviews! Enjoy excerpts below of some of Andrew’s “firsts” and “worsts,” and continue reading here and here, respectively.

The first film I saw was ‘The Wiz’ with Diana Ross, fantastic, fantastic movie. Tremendous, and I mean tremendous!

My first memory is strong diarrhoea – what did you expect? At that age you have a lot of fibre and thick food in your belly, so you’re going to have diarrhoea. The texture of mine was peanut butter and it smelled terrible, to be honest with you it smelt like shit.

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The worst memory I have is of trying to pull a flower out of the soil, boy those roots were deep. Very, very, very deep. We had a little flower garden where I was born in California and I pulled and I pulled and I pulled this flower and low and behold, the flower finally came out of the ground! I went flying back and hit my head really hard on the ground. It was painful.

The worst film I ever saw was one I watched on the computer – ‘Satanism In Music’, let’s go for that one but boy that’s a hard question.

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