Andrew’s Top 5 Santos Party House Shows of 2011

It’s been an absolutely wild year at Andrew’s club and music venue, Santos Party House! With another year’s worth of partying under his belt, Andrew is preparing to do it all over again in 2012 but not before looking back on some of his favorite moments at the club from the past year! Enjoy one of his picks below and click HERE to read “Andrew’s Top 5 Santos Moments of 2011.”

“OMAR SOULEYMAN. Richard Bishop (of the legendary band, ‘Sun City Girls’) has long been an idol of mine. He’s been at the center of so much amazing stuff, including introducing the incredible Syrian musician, Omar Souleyman, to the Western world. When we booked him at Santos, I was beside myself with excitement. I got to meet Omar and Richard in one incredible night. But the best part was the music.”

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The New York Times also gave their list of top shows from 2011, and they included Santos Party House in two of their choices! Click HERE to read them.