Andrew’s Super Bowl Party At Santos Party House!

Andrew played a very special Super Bowl Half-time solo show at Santos Party House on Sunday, February, 3rd, 2013. The entire Super Bowl was streamed at the event and tons of amazing PARTY PIZZA from the legendary Roberta’s of Brooklyn was served all game long. Andrew played during half-time along with sets by the super awesome MC Todd & Aleister X!

Some of you watched Beyonce conspire with the illuminati to blow the power. Others changed the channel to watch a gang of puppies battle over a sock. But there was a whole other crew of people who took to Santos Party House last night (2/3) as part of Andrew W.K.’s halftime celebration during Super Bowl XLVII. Photos from Andrew WK and supporting bands Aleister X and MC Todd‘s appearances are below.

Brooklyn Vegan – “PHOTOS: Andrew W.K. Played The Half-Time Show At Santos.

Brooklyn Vegan – “Andrew W.K. Doing His Own Super Bowl Halftime Show In NYC.