Andrew’s Recent Freak-Out – Reviews, Photos, Video

Something happened to Andrew at his July 2nd lecture at Cinefamily. Watch the full length video HERE on the FourFour site and also read the full LA Weekly write up HERE.

“While doing absolutely nothing onstage may strike you as cheap, to me what Andrew WK pulled off was an impressive balance: thiswas very easy, yet undoubtedly hard. Most impressively, he was able to keep everyone’s attention for the entire duration of his nothingness (any longer would have resulted in anger or at least mass walk-outs). But no, people cheered, continued asking questions (you’ll see that the entire show was a Q&A with musical interludes) and remained wholly engaged. How much performance art can claim that?” – FourFour

Andrew’s 4 Steps To Enlightenment:

4. On following your dreams: “Insane Clown Posse really confirmed for me that any vision that you could ever probably have as a human, it could happen. You could do it.”

3. On acceptance: “I don’t deny that when I pet a dog’s ear, it’s soft. I can’t deny that when I eat macaroni and cheese, it’s really good.”

2. On role models: “Your mom is God.”

1. On partying every day: “People say how can you party every day? And I’m like, I’m alive. What else would I be doing?”

– LA Weely