Andrew’s Pizza Guitar!

Andrew W.K. has announced the completion of his custom-made Pizza Guitar with the ESP Guitar company! In an exclusive Pitchfork TV appearance (taking place in a midtown NYC pizza parlor), Andrew shows off the world’s first ever guitar designed in the shape of a New York Style Pizza Supreme Deluxe slice. Hand painted by W.K. himself, the guitar features extra spicy garlic marinara sauce, double mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and Andrew’s favorite pizza topping of all, jalapeno peppers. As to the playing capabilities of the ESP model, W.K. shreds the fretboard to the extreme through a double-stack of amplifiers (to the glee of the patrons and employees at Ray’s pizza parlor in Times Square).

In a statement on the guitar W.K. said, “For over 8 years, I dreamed of creating a guitar made out of a slice of pizza supreme. This dream has finally come true, thanks to the incredible ESP guitar company. I first remember meeting with ESP in Japan, back in 2003, and I think they thought I was a little crazy. Well, they were right… I’m crazy like a pizza! After years of design, hand-crafting, and fine-tuning, the amazing guitar masters at ESP have finished the world’s first ever pizza shaped guitar, and it’s as beautiful as it is delicious.”

Allen Steelgrave, ESP director of marketing and artist relations, said, “We love Andrew’s pizza guitar, not only because it’s one of the more unique instruments we’ve ever made, but it shows off Andrew’s amazing personality as a musician and performer, and it also is a great example of how there really are no limitations for people who dream of creating a custom guitar from ESP!”

Also of note is Andrew W.K.’s custom “PARTY” guitar strap is made of deer-skin leather by the craftsmen at the Native BMX leather crew.

The Pizza Guitar made its live debut on stage during Andrew W.K.’s “I Get Wet” 10 Year Anniversary Tour this past spring, in which W.K. performed his classic debut album in its entirety with his full band. The tour hit the full United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia to sold-out audiences everywhere. Top UK music magazine, Kerrang, who reviewed Andrew’s London show at The HMV Forum, rated it a rare and perfect “6K” score and proclaimed W.K. “The undisputed god of partying”, and named Pizza Guitar “The greatest guitar of all time.”

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