Andrew’s Interview About Everything

Gargoyle magazine recently interviewed Andrew W.K., but it was such a long and in-depth discussion that they could only fit a fraction of it in their magazine. But now you can read out full, uncut interview right HERE!

It’s one of Andrew’s most extensive and detailed interviews, covering all sorts of topics, including his life philosophy, his transformation from art student to rock star, the beauty of entertainment, his Destroy Build Destroy TV show, his songwriting process, a look back on his 55 Cadillac solo piano album, his inspirations, how he deals with a bad performance, his experience at the Gathering of the Juggalos, showers, and much, much more.

” I think the people who just know you as the guy who made Party Hard will be really interested to see how much more there is to Andrew W.K.

There’s nothing more that I would ever have to offer than that. I fully embrace that, or the bloody nose guy or whoever, none of that matters as long as someone out there gets some kind of jolt.” – Gargoyle Magazine