Andrew’s Christmas Party Tips

Andrew gives England’s legendary music magazine, NME, 10 cheer-packed Christmas party tips for their holiday issue which is on stands now! Check them out below or click HERE to download the feature on your favorite device!

Andrew W.K.’s Christmas Party Tips

The “Party Hard” rocker’s guide to surviving the festive season intact.

10.) Know when the party is over

“Leave when the sun comes up, if you leave before the party is truly over, in some ways, the party never ends. Philosophical, huh! Know your limits and you can recover and prepare yourself to party another day.”

9.) Stay hydrated

“You gotta stay hydrated, gang. There’s a while variety of fluids out there. Water’s kinda the key one. I can personally confirm water is awesome. If you want to enjoy your partying, you oughta drink some.”

8.) Choose tunes wisely

“There’s no right or wrong party music selections – just keep it loud and upbeat. You’re not in a library, you’re at a party! Unless it’s a party in a library. In which case, maybe rethink your party location to better accommodate loud guitars.”

7.) Be nice to your parents

“One for younger partiers out there: chances are your parents are kinda cool people, who themselves once partied hard like you. They put you on this planet so cut them some slack. Work your partying around their wishes, ‘cos they’re looking out for you.”

6.) Wear what you want

“Dress codes crush the individual spirit. People should be able to dress however they want so long as it doesn’t tread on anyone else’s ability to express themselves. Ever if someone is dressed stupid or silly – let them. It’s all about comfort and getting along. Although personally, I’d recommend something with minimal chafing.”

5.) Leave animals and small children out of it

“No animal should be injured in the making of any party. You should be nice to most animals. I say most animals, because there are some who are kinda bitey – rats, bats, gnats, great white sharks – and if they’re coming for you, you gotta defend yourself. Same goes for little children.

4.) Have a party philosophy

“Partying is a state of mind more than an activity. It’s about realizing that it’s good to be alive. People will tell you the most challenging thing you can do is drink an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce or whatever, but the greatest challenge of all is never taking life for granted. Partying is a celebration of life.”

3.) Don’t be afraid to go solo

“Some of my greatest partying has been done on my own. I don’t buy into this ‘Oh, my friends are busy, guess I’ll just pour myself a mug of cocoa and go to bed’ business. Put a record on! Rock out in your room!”

2.) Don’t forget snacks

“Food is really awesome. If you don’t eat food you’ll die. That’s science. You’ve got to make sure you have a nutritious diet to max out your party powers. Otherwise you’ll be that guy passed out in a cloakroom with something crude drawn on your face in permanent marker.”

1.) Don’t get snooty

“You know how they say ‘live and let live?’ Thou shalt party and let party. Never tell anyone how to party. When it comes to partying there are no wrong answers. Let everyone find their own path to party enlightenment, whether that’s via 13 beers and some illegal fireworks or a classy soda sipped overlooking a quiet canyon.”