Andrew’s 8 Party Thrower Mistakes In New Rock Book!

Andrew has contributed a special list of eight common mistakes made by party throwers to an awesome new book called, “The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Lists” by Judy McGuire, with amazing illustrations by Cliff Mott. Also featured in the book is everyone from AC/DC to Motorhead to Motley Crue, plus many more! Enjoy an excerpt of Andrew’s list below and click HERE to get the book now!

8. Carpets and Rugs

Even though carpets cushion the foot and rugs offer a beautiful way to decorate, these fibrous floor blankets quickly bunch up when people try to dance, and become stinking sponges for spilled savories and broken beverage bottles. Wood, concrete, or tile floors are far better – they’re easier to clean, to dance upon, and to lick. Or just party on the natural grounds of the dirty Earth – the soil is made for your pleasure.

7. Mrs. Cavendish

I’m not saying she isn’t a wonderful lady, but Mrs. Cavendish doesn’t belong at our parties. In case you hadn’t heard, she once punched my mom in the throat – that’s totally unacceptable. My mom didn’t deserve it at all. She had politely requested that Mrs. Cavendish stop climbing around in our kitchen cabinets. Instead of apologizing and cleaning up the mess, Mrs. Cavendish popped my mom right in the jugular with her fat fist. As a result, Mrs. Cavendish is no longer welcome at my parties, and I recommend you ban her from your celebrations too.