Andrew’s #1 Ringtone

Andrew made a special ringtone in Japan, to celebrate the country’s newest popular catch-phrase, “Son Nano Kankei Ne, Hai Oppappi!” This translates into, “I Don’t Give A Damn, Yes Ocean Pacific Peace!”

Andrew’s version is called, “Son Nano Kankei Ne ROCK”. The ringtone was first announced on the Japanese national T.V. program called “Music Station” and had over 3500 downloads that day. Cumulative sales of ringtone is now over 20,000! Andrew’s song debuted at No.1 at Label Mobile’s International daily ringtone chart. Lable Mobile is the biggest mobile retailer in Japan.

Andrew says:
“Wow! I am going wild! To all of the wonderful people who have decided to ROCK with me and download my “Son Nano Kankei Ne ROCK” ringtone, I love you! This is a great honor, like flying high on the winds of Ocean Pacific Peace! I JUST DON’T GIVE A DAMN!”
Click HERE for the news on Andrew’s official Universal Japan website. More HERE.