Andrew W.K. To Address The Oxford Union

Andrew W.K. has been announced to speak as a guest lecturer for the world’s most prestigious debating society, The Oxford Union. Situated in the heart of Oxford University in the UK, the Union has previously hosted world leaders in virtually every field (from U.S. presidents to global spiritual leaders). Taking place on June 13th, 2014, W.K.’s keynote, titled Andrew W.K. and The Philosophy of Partying, will discuss his signature message of positive power and celebratory self-confidence.

The news of W.K.’s visit to the Union has been welcomed by many. Regarding the lecture, Oxford’s Nick Fowler said: “In my opinion, Andrew is one of Rock N’ Roll’s great philosophers.” And the Oxford University Rock Society, who have been especially active in their efforts to bring W.K. to speak, offered their own statement: “We’ve seen rock stars, we’ve seen brilliant public speakers, but rarely are they the same person, and rarely do they have as intriguing and broad a background as Andrew W.K.”

In recent years, W.K. has turned his positive party message into motivational lectures at such Ivy League universities as Harvard and Yale, as well as NYU and Carnegie Mellon. He has also spoken at such non-academic affairs as a national My Little Pony convention, and been the keynote speaker at the CMJ Music Festival. His unique viewpoint has led to his selection as the international musical ambassador for the 2012 World Snowboarding Championship in Oslo, Norway, and as a regular commentator on networks like VH1, MTV, and FOX. In addition to his public speaking role, W.K. finds the time to pen a nationally syndicated weekly advice column for the Village Voice and is completing his first full-length non-fiction philosophy book, The Party Bible, to be published by Simon & Schuster.

While in the UK, W.K. will also serve as co-host for the Relentless Kerrang! Awards in London, alongside Scott Ian of the thrash metal band Anthrax. Other appearances across the pond include a European tour as vocalist for Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg and Andrew W.K. as a headliner of the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire, as part of his extensive Possessed by Partying tour.

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