Andrew W.K. Talks Vegetables and Partying Ahead of His Massachusetts Show

Party For Your Thoughts | DigBoston | By Nina Corcoran

Some people are so influential that it’s hard to remember their beginnings. For Andrew W.K., the hard rock-meets-metal musician whose name takes on a meaning of its own, it’s sometimes hard to remember how his own life got started. When people begin idolizing you as a character instead of you as a musician, things get a bit out of hand. Life, to Andrew W.K., has always been a party – but there’s much, much more to it than that.

Turns out the dude with blood pooling down his face has a pretty big heart.

Before heading out on tour, he gave us a rang to chat before he takes the stage at Cuisine En Locale. After lots of talk about vegetables (the good ol’ days) and the taxing nature of performing nonstop, he gave us solid advice on the secret to happiness, the lasting impact of death, and the best way to deal with pay-to-play gigs.

And partying. We definitely talked about partying.

Nina Corcoran: Your definition of “partying” isn’t the traditional Get Wasted And Lose Your Mind definition. Can you explain?

Andrew W.K.: My definition is to lose your mind, but moreso it means to figure out what partying means to you. Don’t try to tell anyone else how to party. I don’t like telling people how to party—now, I offer ideas, tips, suggestions, yes—so to say, but you can’t command someone to party. They shouldn’t do it unless they want to. I never liked when people told me how to party, especially when I was younger and people told me I wasn’t partying or I was partying in the wrong way. The whole part of partying that seemed the most fun to me was that it was doing what you enjoyed as long as it didn’t inhibit someone else from doing what they enjoyed. To me, it’s sobering.

To those that want to get wasted, sometimes the best way to find your spirit and soul is to lose your mind. It’s not about escaping from things, don’t seek oblivion just to cancel out life, but actually to discover and find the center of life through the whole process of celebration, to actually go deeper into your existence rather than to run away from it. This is all part of the party adventure. You figure it out as you go. You make it up for yourself. That’s the beauty of being a human being with your own mind and your own heart and your own path in this party life.

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