Andrew W.K. “Shakes Up Children’s Programming”

Andrew W.K.’s “Meet Me At The Reck” | Lost Remote | By Adam Flomenbaum

Andrew W.K., a.k.a ‘The King of Partying,’ is looking to rock children’s programming.

The entertainment renaissance man, in conjunction with Maker Studios, is launching this Saturday ‘Meet Me at the Reck.’ The six-part digital series follows Andrew W.K. and a group of kids (known as ‘reckers’) as they celebrate the use of imagination. Each episode will premiere on and will be five to seven minutes long.

The trailer for the show dubs it as “Sesame Street for the digital generation.” We asked Andrew W.K. about the comparison between the hour-long ‘Sesame Street” and the five to seven minutes long ‘Meet Me at the Reck’:

“We’d rather the people watching spend an hour getting up and going out and playing the game they just learned from our five minute show, rather than having them just watch other kids play it on a screen for an hour,” Andrew W.K. told us. ”Long and short each have their place, but with ‘Meet Me At The Reck,’ we’re really focused on a particular project in each episode, showing the viewer how to make something, do something, build something, or play a new kind of game. So it’s like a visual guidebook, or a living set of instructions, wrapped up in a story and demonstration. We want kids to get up and do stuff – we want kids to play! That’s what partying is all about.”

Andrew W.K. has hosted children’s programming before, most recently on Carton Network’s ‘Destroy Build Destroy’ – the #1 rated series in its time-slot for male audiences.

For more on his next children’s programming venture, what it’s like to work with Maker Studios, and his favorite moment on set, Lost Remote spoke with the ‘King of Partying’ himself.

Lost Remote: This isn’t your first foray into children’s programming. What made you realize that your “King of Partying” moniker would translate to children’s programming?

Andrew W.K.: Just being asked and invited into the world of kids television made me realize, “Hey, kids like partying! Here’s another way to get that fun energy going and get all amped up!” I’ve always loved television – watching it, making it – just the whole phenomenon and the feeling that come along with it. And I grew up watching so much great TV – it had a huge impact on me and how I see the world as a place full of possibility and excitement. I’m thrilled to think that I could help give those feelings to young people today.

LR: What has it been like working with Maker Studios and how does it differ from a traditional production company?

Andrew W.K.: Everyone is really nice and works really well. My favorite part of working on the show was the sense of teamwork. That there are tons of people getting together to make all this possible – what you see on the screen is only made possible by the shared efforts of a lot of people. I love how we’re building this thing that isn’t really a “thing” – it’s an experience. Watching a show is just sounds and lights coming from a screen – and we built it together, for the fun of it!

LR: How do you plan on rallying your large social following to promote the show?

Andrew W.K.: When you make something this exciting, you don’t have to really rally anyone. You just tell them and they’re probably going to be excited too! That’s the beauty of partying. You just invite people to the party and they’re own natural enthusiasm takes over and adds to the spirit. I’m just saying, “Hey! Here’s a party! Meet Me At The Reck!” And then everyone who wants to party just comes along and invites their friends to meet them there too.

LR: What was your favorite moment while filming the series?

Andrew W.K: We had so many talented people featured in the show. Amazing actors like Jack Black, Zach Woods, and Bobby Lee. And I loved the kids we have on the show. Just getting to hang out and work with them and joke around with them was a real blast. They have a natural gleeful attitude that spreads to everyone involved. There was a scene we filmed where Emorphy the alien (played by Zach Woods), starts dancing all crazy, and we all start dancing along and that was really a great moment – like, “I can’t believe this is happening and we’re allowed to have this much fun as professionals!”

Photo by Andrew Benge/Redferns