Andrew W.K.’s Five Tips For Partying At A Black Sabbath Show!

Andrew W.K.’s Five Tips For Party At Black Sabbath

He’s a motivational speaker, frontman, talented pianist, party-animal, acclaimed-Twitter user and now a metal DJ Andrew W.K. will be using his skills to amplify the crowd’s enthusiasm before legendary heavy rock band Black Sabbath takes the stage on Sunday, August 18 at Klipsch Music Center.

NUVO spoke with Andrew about his tour with Black Sabbath and he gave us five tips for concert-goers to really max out the experience.

One: “Let’s see – I’m assuming that most folks are familiar with Black Sabbath, but I would, whenever I go see a concert, especially by a band that legendary, I’m looking at any everything that I can. Old interviews, new interviews, read as much as I can about the band, just saturate myself in their music. Listen to every album. Watch live concerts, look at photos, just completely immerse yourself in the world of Black Sabbath. And I would recommend doing it several days before the show.”

Two: “My next tip would be to go on almost like an abstinence. A Black Sabbath fast. Like a starvation before the actual day of the show, leading up to that show. So the morning you get up, I wouldn’t listen to any Black Sabbath. Now, this is just how I do it. I like to sort of have that extreme contrast of soaking my soul in Black Sabbath for several days leading up to it, and then the actual day of the show just having no Black Sabbath at all until they actually get on that stage and play. That to me just makes it that much more exciting when you finally hear them. Some people like to listen to the band on the car ride to go see them – I understand that approach as well, but this is my view. I like to have a little like starvation diet, so that when they kick in it’s even that much more intense.”

Three: “I would, depending where you’re sitting – some of the venues are indoors, traditional arenas, and some of them are amphitheaters where there’s a lawn. If you have a lawn, bring a nice picnic blanket of some kind or something comfortable to sit on. Maybe bring some various different types of shoes because it could get colder once the sun sets. You might want to have some layers to work with once the sun goes down. But dress appropriately and comfortably.”

Four: “I would advise eating and hydrating as much as you can before you get to the show because there’s nothing more annoying than being really thirsty and trying to go stand in line and missing the concert, waiting in line to buy food and missing songs. You certainly may have to use the bathroom at some point, but try to get the most out of your concert experience by not having to run off too often. That being said, enjoy as many wonderful beverages as you can during the show, but maybe take turns as a designated ‘drink-getter’ that can go and bring them back for everybody, assuming that they’ll sell that person more than one or two. Some places have rules about how many they can sell and certainly how many they can carry.”

Five: “Party as hard as you can and never forget that, while you’re there at this concert, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that’s truly incredible, to see this band playing in front of your eyes, playing for you and with you. Something like this may never happen again so really appreciate it, as I’m sure everyone that is going will do.”