Andrew W.K.’s 17 Party Tips for a Great New Year’s Eve

In less than 24 hours, we’ll roll into a new decade. You’re likely thinking about how your night of partying will go: Did you buy enough chips? Should you get really drunk, or go easy? Don’t you worry, dear reader, we rang up the King of Partying himself to help you start 2020 off on the best note possible.

Our friend Andrew W.K. has supplied a list of 17 excellent party tips for your New Year’s Eve celebration. He’ll be ringing in the new year with his full band at Concord Music Hall and it’s probably going to be better than any lame party you end up at, so why not get some tickets to that?

1. PARTY TIP: Start the night off right by going to the bathroom properly.

2. PARTY TIP: You can’t go to sleep before midnight. Just keep going.

3. PARTY TIP: Start your New Year’s Eve morning with pizza for breakfast.

4. PARTY TIP: You don’t really need any New Year’s resolutions. Just be happy you’re alive and party as hard as possible every day.

5. PARTY TIP: Lick a candy cane and resist the urge to bite and crunch it.

6. PARTY TIP: If someone asks you to hold their drink, you’re entitled to take at least one little sip.

7. PARTY TIP: Do what you love with all your heart.

8. PARTY TIP: Use the official first day of the New Year to begin making your dreams come true with hardcore determination.

9. PARTY TIP: Always cheers before you drink, and always look the other person in the eye.