Andrew W.K. Remixes The Dictators for 40th Anniversary Release

Andrew W.K. was given the esteemed honor of remixing three legendary songs by the incredible band, The Dictators, to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of their legendary debut album, Go Girl Crazy!

It’s been 40 years since The Dictator’s debut album, Go Girl Crazy!, created the loud, fast, and rude template that thousands of punk bands to come slavishly followed. And now the boys are ready to celebrate their anniversary with a little help from a very special friend. Long-time fan, professional party animal and metal/punk singer-songwriter/producer Andrew W.K. took the original session tapes to three songs and, as he puts it ever so modestly, “remixed, over-produced and totally ruined reimagined” them to create sonically stunning brand new versions of “The Next Big Thing,” “Two Tub Man,” and “Weekend” for this Black Friday exclusive release!

The brand new 10″ EP, which comes pressed on beautiful opaque red vinyl will be released exclusively on Black Friday, November 27th, 2015 in a very limited edition of 2500. The album also includes previously unreleased session outtakes, a completely unknown recording of, “Backseat Boogie,” along with an alternate take of “Weekend.”