Andrew W.K. Partying Hard with the Pittsburgh Penguins

New York, NY (February 9, 2016) – Andrew W.K.‘s anthem, “Party Hard” is now the official goal song for the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL hockey team. Andrew will be in attendance to host tomorrow night’s game against the New York Rangers (Wednesday, February 10th, 2016), his first appearance at the arena since his song has been declared the team’s celebratory expression.

The song change came to fruition following a petition from fans on the Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies website stating, “‘Party Hard’ is the ultimate expression of joy, happiness and love for one another. These are all feelings associated with watching your favorite hockey team score a huge goal at home. Hugs all around, people. There are few songs with such power and direction. Andrew tells you to Party Hard You Party Hard.”

Since “Party Hard” became the goal song on October 22, 2015, fan sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive and social media numbers have skyrocketed in agreement with the change, adding up to over 33 million impressions.

In other news, The King of Partying just kicked off his first ever Las Vegas residency, featuring four Party DJ sets at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s new Center Bar. Andrew will continue his monthly series on the first Saturday of each month with the next appearance on Saturday, March 5.

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