Andrew W.K. Is A Fashion Designer?

People usually recognize Andrew as a musician, motivational speaker, club owner, and entrepreneur. But is he a fashion designer?

Andrew recently spoke with and expounded on one of his creative efforts outside of music. T-Shirts! With a new line of party apparel out and a brand new Official 2012 World Tour T-Shirt just announced, Andrew is constantly turning his design ideas into real, wearable, items! Enjoy an excerpt from the interview, click HERE for further reading, and don’t forget to visit Andrew’s Official Party Store to snag his latest efforts.

iaam: What is your favorite thing about becoming a clothing designer? Do you have a favorite piece from your new line?
 With my t-shirts, I love making a statement. It means as much to me as anything else. Every shirt that I’ve ever made becomes almost as important as a song; to put my name on it, I have to feel as good about it as I possibly can. Well, obviously I can’t pull off the ladies’ t-shirt designs, but hopefully you understand what I mean. What I like about clothing is that it has a permanence that say, a concert cannot. My shirts are about texture, tone, attitude – keeping people connected and close to great experiences. I want people to remember the way they felt. Pure energy, joy, and party!