Andrew W.K. and MAKJ. On Partying When You’re in a Relationship

Andrew W.K. And MAKJ On Partying As A Couple |

Partying as a couple: it almost sounds like an oxymoron. Partying represents freedom, liberation and operating without any cares, whereas a relationship sets boundaries. So how do you party together and not have it become a wedge between you?

To get the answers, we sought out the party king himself: Andrew W.K.. The musician who has created a long lineup of party anthems has ventured into the dance world and has another hit on his hands. Partnering with Timmy Trumpet and EDM superstar MAKJ, their collaboration “Party ‘Till We Die” has been a catchy anthem on the rise. We caught up with Andrew W.K. and MAKJ to get a guide on partying as a couple. Can you party as a couple and have as much fun as you do when you party alone?

Andrew W.K.: You can look at it a couple of ways. In some ways, you do lose a bit of freedom but as you get older, you might realize that you’ve met someone pretty cool — maybe a soulmate — so you’re getting released from the endless pursuit of going out and trying to meet new people. So now you get to put your energy into building something that’s longer lasting and a bit more meaningful. The general perception is that partying represents freedom whereas relationships kind of represent a little bit of locking down.

MAKJ: Look, here’s the thing. The number one mentality as guys nowadays is go out, have a few drinks and try to take home a girl. That’s the game plan. But you know what, going out with your boys and turning that thinking off — in other words, just going out and having a great time with your close friends — to me, that’s such a better time than going for something that you probably won’t get. It’s 2 A.M. and you should turn down and go home to be with your significant other — but your friends want you to keep partying. Is there any cool way to bow out gracefully?

Andrew W.K.: They’re your boys, so they want you to hang around, but on the other hand, if they’re close friends, they’ll understand. You shouldn’t need an excuse or a way to ease out.

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