Andrew W.K. And Andrew Dice Clay Talk About Partying

In a serendipitous bit of scheduling too sweet for The Detroit News to ignore, both Andrew W.K. and bad boy comic Andrew Dice Clay will be in Detroit on Saturday night, March 24th, 2012.

Recognizing the rare cosmic occurrence in front of them, The Detroit News decided to get the two Andrews with the very similar-sounding names on the phone together!

Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading as they talk about Andrews, their career paths and socks. Yes, socks.

Dice: My guy that works for me, if he comes backstage and tells me, “Somebody’s looking for Andy Clay,” I say I don’t know him. My real friends would never call me that.

W.K.: My mom would always tell me, “Don’t let anyone ever call you Andy. Your name is Andrew.”

Dice: That’s the thing: At birth, you’re given your name. You know what I mean? So stick to it. If my name was Andy, that’s what it would be.

W.K.: Right, there you go.