Andrew To Perform With European Art Collective “Gelitin” in Vienna

Andrew gave a special performance at “LOCH,” an event curated by art collective, Gelitin, on June 9th, 2013 at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Austria. Andrew’s performance was part of a six-day event with “Gelitin, music, and many friends!” Gelitin personally invited Andrew to travel to Vienna to perform with them in the installation.

Gelitin is comprised of four artists. They met first in 1978 when they all attended a summer camp. They have been playing and working together since then, and since 1993 they’ve been exhibiting internationally as a collective. Andrew was invited to perform with Gelitin once before, at a New York City living installation in 2010.

The 21er Haus is an innovative platform for contemporary art and new location for the latest art trends, the collection of post-1945 art, and the Wotruba Archive and is part of the Belvedere ensemble.

Home to the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection the Belvedere Museum is one of the most striking and significant museums in the world, located in Vienna.

More information on Gelitin and the evening can be found HERE and below.

Gelatin are here. Following the intervention by Marcus Geiger (2011) and the monographic exhibition of Hans Schabus (2012), this year the 21er Haus will again accommodate a show that is to occupy the entire building, made on the very spot and for the site. All will begin with a tall block in the museum’s atrium, a mass of material, a mine awaiting exploitation. However, nothing but emptiness will be extracted from it at first. Music will set in, and the four of them, together with a bunch of friends they have brought along from around the globe, will start digging and quarrying, creating hollows. The holes will be filled and then distributed across the space in the form of sculptures. Monumental and light. Soft and solid. For six days on end.

In search of lost form, negative space and the foundation of surface, Gelatin are stopping over at the 21er Haus. The space is both filled and reduced by a voluminous titan. Its perfect form will be ruined as if by decay, perforated, and sculpted in order to give birth to what is yet to come.

In its invisible softness, it conduces to the genesis of the exhibition and for this purpose is given permission to vanish as a whole. As the eagle extracting the liver of Prometheus, Gelatin will rip pieces out of the giant. Classic materials and research into simplicity will be followed by sculptural objects and vice versa. All of this will happen with the aid of a confusing concentration of competent actors. Many hands giving and taking.

In the process and over a period of six days, Gelatin will create the exhibition on the spot and before the public’s eye, accompanied by music.

Come quickly in order to stay – 5 to 9 June 2013 – detailed program

The exhibition, which will be on view at the 21er Haus from 11 June to 29 September, consists of the sculptures to be made and the remains of their production.
The ticket for the week from 5 to 9 June 2013 is available for 12 euro.