Andrew to Give Lecture On Party Philosophy

Andrew was invited by the folks at The Contemporary and Current Space to give a lecture on his philosophy of partying as part of their CoHosts speakers series at the Baltimore School for the Arts on Thursday, September 4th, 2014. There was a reception at 6pm and the lecture started promptly at 7pm. Watch the entire lecture above or by clicking HERE.

Andrew spoke with the Baltimore City Paper about his lecture. Read an excerpt below and continue reading HERE.

The 2014 Speaker Series, CoHosts, will be presented at the Baltimore School for the Arts and cohosted with thirteen local commercial, artist-run, and independent galleries. Each gallery responded to a simple question: Who is the one artist or art professional that you want The Contemporary to bring to Baltimore? Each gallery will cohost a residency for their selected speaker and identify local artists for their respective studio visits.

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City Paper: What is the process of moving from one project to the next, especially when those projects are so different?

Andrew W.K.: I never really planned on doing speeches or lectures. I never planned on being a writer. It emerged out of the will to get cheered up and stay cheered up. But the best way to see how hard it is to do something is to do it and dive in. People have been generous to me and very forgiving and very patient and I’ve learned to develop these skills. Doing interviews is really helpful to express myself and my thoughts. Trying to explain your feelings or your point of view or what it is you’re after; doing interviews is a great way to develop that skill. I find it really thrilling to have someone’s attention; even if they’re paid to do it, or if they don’t want to talk to me, it’s very exciting. It’s a great opportunity to have someone’s undivided attention and really try to connect these thoughts for myself, even if no one else read it, even if it was only for me just getting to clarify and refine my ideas. People say that I’m too scattered but I don’t feel like I’m doing all that much at all. I’m not trying to do mathematics for example, or biology or chemistry or architecture. It’s all very simple to me. In the entertainment industry or the arts, whatever you call it, I’m just trying to really be someone people can turn to for a good feeling… continue reading