Andrew Talks To Paste About Rich Natural Ground, Burritos, And Party Tips!

Paste Magazine caught up with Andrew last week while he was in Atlanta for his show at Masquerade. Enjoy an excerpt of the interview below and continue on to the article as they talk about playing “I Get Wet,” rich natural ground, burritos and of course, party tips!

Paste: Describe what it’s been like to play I Get Wet live a decade after its release.

Andrew W.K.: This is our first album, so there’s all the enjoyment and excitement and joy and adventure that began with the release of these songs. We’ve been playing these songs as a band from the beginning right up until now. There’s not a single song we haven’t played hundreds of times, so it’s the material we’re most familiar with anyway. In terms of playing it in album order, that is a very new experience, a very delightful and exciting experience. The songs work quite well live in the album order. And thank goodness, because this tour we are playing it every single night from start to finish. We are playing songs from other albums as well, a nice selection, a mixed bag from other releases, but this is a special “album experience.” If you’re very familiar with how the songs work together, one song can blend into the next one. It’s also an interesting element in terms of how a song order affects the feeling of a show. For example, “Party Hard” is a song we tend to play near the end of a concert, if not at the very end. But with I Get Wet, it’s the second song on that album. It’s very fun and it’s been a very satisfying experience for us.

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