Andrew Talks to Eater About Chicago Pizza

Andrew W.K. Shares His Take on Chicago Pizza | Eater | By Ashok Selvam

Musician, children’s TV host and pizza aficionado Andrew W.K. rocked social media on Thursday with an announcement of something called the Party Party. The flippant news sounded like Americans were finally getting that viable third-party political alternative to the Democrats and Republicans. Some have said Chicago will be the epicenter of the American political revolution, and coincidentally W.K. will be in town on Sunday, delivering a keynote speech for the first-ever Chicago Pizza Summit over at 1st Ward Events at Chop Shop (tickets are sold out). W.K. didn’t mention the formation of the new organization when he spoke with Eater Chicago on Thursday afternoon. Instead he talked about Chicago food and properly tipping pizza delivery people: “I would never tip under $5, even if the order is $3.” Read a portion of the interview below.

Note: During the interview, W.K. chewed on some pepperoni pizza from Sbarro.

EATER: You’ve visited Chicago several times on tour, including performing at Riot Fest. Where do you like to eat?

ANDREW W.K.: That’s one of the best things about [audible pizza chewing/enjoyment], I guess, all the great cities of the world have a lot when it comes to restaurants. But, Chicago is very reliable. I think I have primarily eaten pizza while in Chicago, in general, and that’s certainly been intentional on my part. I have had some good food here. I have had some sushi and other Asian food, but the food that I most crave when arriving in this realm is pizza. And the memories of the best meals have revolved around pizza in this great land.

E: What makes pizza such a satisfying, happy vessel?

A.W.K.: It’s a bit mysterious, to be honest with you. Considering how many different foods there are out there, how many dishes there are. You would think there would be many other types of cuisine that could appeal to so many people like pizza does. It’s a bit hard to pin down exactly what makes pizza pizza. If they could apply it to something else, I’m sure they would. If you ended up applying the essential qualities of pizza to some other dish then you’d just end up with another version of pizza, and you’d get right back where you stated from. I don’t want to be applauded, or even recognized, for my love of pizza because it’s one of the most-commonly-loved foods. In my personal life, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like pizza. Even the people that don’t necessarily enjoy eating it all the time, they still like the idea of what it represents, which is a type of unifying happiness.

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