Andrew Talks Sex Birds

Click HERE to watch the latest A.W.K. GoTV clip, “The Birds And The Bees”.

Cellular telephone content provider, GoTV Networks, is proud to present their new mobile phone T.V. show, Altitude, featuring Andrew W.K. Andrew has signed on with the mobile-video firm to be their correspondent for an original series called, “Living Thoughts with Andrew W.K.”, available on the company’s rock channel Altitude.

***CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CLIP.*** More clips coming soon – stay tuned.

Andrew says: “Having the opportunity to reach people in a new way, especially through something as wide-spread as cellular telephones, combines entertainment and technology to create a hand-held ‘party portal’.”

“Making these clips has been an uplifting experience for me, and I hope the viewers feel the same good vibes. With all the technology available to us, we’re able to connect in more ways than ever. Let the party on your phone begin!”

The tech industry has responded to Andrew’s ground breaking new media work, and the GoTV press release has been published at BreitbartThe Houston ChronicleYahoo Finance, and the Earth Times, amongst others.

“Andrew is fascinating programming. In his show, he really connects with artists and his intellectual, yet light-hearted approach with all things music and current events is definitely a refreshing change from the norm,” says Daniel Tibbets, Executive Vice President and Studio Chief for GoTV Networks.