Andrew Talks About Visualization, Motivation, and Recording A New Party Album In Exclusive Interview

Andrew recently did a special exclusive interview with the Glasgow, Scotland based folks at Rock Fusion. In addition to giving them an update on his new album, he also talks about the success of “I Get Wet” and the definition of the word “party,” among other things. Enjoy the full interview below!

The chances are if you’re reading this you already know who Andrew WK is. He is the Party God / Rock Star that inspires thousands and thousands of people worldwide to get up, grab the day by the scruff of the neck and make the most of it. He’s both motivating and inspiring… And we think there’s a good chance / we hope that he’s immortal too. Andrew WK A couple of weeks ago Andrew was kind enough to take some time out of partying to give us a call to give us an update on his new album, the success of I Get Wet and he gives us his definition of the word “Party” among other things!

So what’s new? How’s 2013 been going so far?

AWK: It’s been off to a wild start, I was thinking about that the other day. Six months have barely gone by and it’s barely been two. It’s been jam packed and that’s obviously a good thing!

I hear you’re working on a new album at the moment, how’s that progressing?

AWK: It’s been a great process but there’s been that much excitement and that many other opportunities I sometimes struggle clearing things out to find time to record the new album. It’s gotten very tricky because I wouldn’t even be talking to you if I hadn’t said “Yes” to so many opportunities over the years. I’ve gotten hooked, almost addicted to saying “Yes” and seizing the chance when something presents it’s self. As a result I’ve been taken on many amazing adventures and gone to party harder that I ever thought I would. But at some point I have to try and clear time out to get the recording done. The good thing is there’s been progress made over the last year or two and I have another meeting about the album lined up. I’m excited to record it as ever and then go back on a tour with my band. As long as I’m partying and active I think it will all happen when it’s meant to.

I see that your wife, Cherie Lily, has an EP out. What can you tell us about that?

AWK: Yes! She makes dance music. I actually met her through a singing teacher who we’d both been taking lessons from. I had been looking for someone to join my band that could do background vocals, and to dance around, hype up the crowd with me up there. When I met Cherie she was the perfect person to join. She was already making her own music. Her solo music is really high energy dance music. She teachers aerobics and is really into fitness and she makes her own music for her classes. Her music is definitely pumped up. It’s her 2nd EP, called The Dripping Wet EP.

What would you say is the key to writing a good, fun, party song?

AWK: If it makes you feel that way as your writing it, that’s how you can tell. If you’re physically moved by the chord changes or by the lyrics or the melody of the rhythm. That’s a good sign that it’ll do what you want it to do. If it makes you feel like you’re in a good mood and that you’re having fun when you’re playing it, listening back to it or coming up with it that’s the important part. You have to enjoy it first and foremost.

In 2002 when I Get Wet first came out, were you prepared for the success that was coming eventually coming your way and did you expect the album to take off as it did?

AWK: Not so much expect it, but going back to what I was just saying I liked it. It felt fun to me. I thought there had to be other people out there that would also like that feeling. You just have to give everything you have to it and you leave the rest up to destiny and the gods. There were moments early on where I would get glimpses of what was going to happen and what my destiny was but you’re also to humbled to really fully believe that that’s what going to happen. Somewhere deep down inside you do kinda of already know what you’re going to do. It doesn’t mean that it that it’s going to be any easier or you the you can put in any less effort. It’s kind of like seeing a movie in advance of someone’s life and it just happens to be your life. So I did get these glimpses of what was going to happen and it’s still happening now. It’s been 10, 11, 12 years depending on how you look at it and it’s still unfolding.

I saw an interview with you once in which you talked about visualizing yourself at a certain point in time, looking back on the present. Is this still something you do to this day?

AWK: Sure I do and I’m glad that you are familiar with that idea, it’s a really fun idea. It’s a combination of imagining you in the future looking back to now imagining into the future. It’s sort of a loop or paradox kind of cycle there. It is a really powerful feeling and I can now remember back to the point in my life when I was looking forward to this point in my life so it is possible. It’s sort of transporting your mind and your soul into the future but also staying connected to yourself. I still do try and do that. It just becomes a habit at some point when that magical feeling you wake up with every day. There can still be some hard times, some moments of stress and moments were you lose sight of that magic but it’s still there and all you have to do is to keep it real close to your heart because it does make it easier to keep going when things are challenging.

I saw last year on the I Get Wet Tour. How do you keep up the level of intensity that you do on stage throughout an entire tour?

AWK: It’s really the music itself first and foremost. You being there along with everyone else that’s there, that contributes hugely. The band, whoever I’m up on stage with, everyone in the room… But it’s the music itself that just takes over and it would be a lot more difficult to not move around and unleash that kind of energy. It just propels you but that’s what the music was designed to do, to make me feel that way. You wanna feel like you can do anything and have unlimited power in your body.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

AWK: Sometimes just food. It’s a good reason to go to bed hungry if you want to pop right up out of bed and have some hot eggs or sausage or bacon, whatever you want. Or sometimes having to go to the bathroom. That’s what got me outta bed today, it’s a really powerful feeling. Also the excitement for the new day and seeing what the world has in store. There’s a newness to everyday, the feeling of continuing down this exciting and mysterious road. It’s almost like anxiety that you have to make the most of this day and give all that you have to it out of respect for the day itself and those people who might not have the chances you do that day so you do it for them too. You do the best that you can to make things as right as you can. Sometimes getting up and just attacking the day can make things feel right.

If you could re-write the dictionary definition for the word “Party“, what would you include?

AWK: Well I think there’s a lot of ways you can use the word “Party” that are not used in the dictionary. You could use it as a noun, in the traditional sense: To have a party. But you could also use it as a verb: To party. You could use it as an adverb by saying: That’s the partiest. This is the partiest party. Those are the ways I use it a lot. Like something being partier than something else means it has more party spirit inside of it. And if something is the partiest thing of all then that’s a lot of party.

What do you think the worldwide appeal of your music is?

AWK: Well that’s the power of music and entertainment. It’s hard to figure out exactly what it is, to me I just imagine they feel the same way I do. That they like this joy and excitement of being a human being. It’s also I think this shared human experience of celebration and partying and that’s one of the common grounds that every culture or society has to feel good and celebrate their lives so that’s a good common ground we can still relate to the good times that we have.