Andrew Spends $1,800 On Massive Taco Bell Party

It’s no secret that Andrew has had an on-going love affair with Taco Bell for many years. He’s even starred in their first ever TV Show, “Let’s Big Happy,” which is available to watch any time on Netflix and MySpace. But his love for the fast food restaurant was taken to the next level when he decided to have a massive Taco Bell Party. What happened next can only be described as party food heaven.

Using his unlimited purple Taco Bell gift card, Andrew ordered over $1,800 worth of Taco Bell food at New York City’s Port Authority bus station and used all of the food to PARTY HARD!

The video below shows only the 1st of 7 separate mountains of food! It took over 3 hours for the entire order to be completed and it was served by the friendly Taco Bell team members in 7 different servings. Andrew ate about 1/3 of the food and shared the rest with the party people of Taco Bell. A true food heaven party, indeed.