Andrew Shares Some of His Favorite Twitter Accounts

While it’s true that no one parties harder than Andrew W.K., it doesn’t mean the party king himself doesn’t get fired up by fellow tweeters. Andrew took some time out of his schedule while on the road with Black Sabbath to give Mandatory a list of his Top Ten Favorite Twitter Feeds that always bring the party! Check them out below or by clicking HERE. You can follow Andrew on twitter at @AndrewWK to keep up with all of his adventures after checking out who he enjoys on social media. Keep partying hard!

1. Rob Fee, @robfee
Andrew W.K.: “Now I do want to clarify that this wasn’t a condition or a stipulation, but this wouldn’t have come about if it weren’t for your account. I’m very grateful to put it first because, honestly, it’s a great account. I’m happy to be following and to give credit where credit is due.”

Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Beer before noon, you guys, it’s fine. I can quit whenever I want. Why are you crying, mom?- Rob Fee (@robfee) August 8, 2013

2. Taco Bell, @tacobell
Andrew W.K.: “In my opinion, this is one of the best social media accounts for any type of restaurant, in general. Any brand or company that doesn’t have a voice should look to them. Of course, you wouldn’t think of a taco having anything clever to say but you wouldn’t think of a Chihuahua in that way either, so they proved us wrong twice. They’ve embraced the fun-loving spirit and turned it into an effective and engaging personality that people can talk to and not just about. It’s clever and always fun. Even when there are negative comments or interactions they’ll engage them and find a way to look even cooler.”

3. Pee Wee Herman, @peeweeherman
Andrew W.K.: “I remembered the day that Pee Wee Herman followed me and tweeted me. I had made an electric guitar in the shape of a piece of pizza and he tweeted about it. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. It was like meeting the president because I had looked up to him for so many years and was now part of a cyber pizza party with him. His page is always cheerful and is full of his unique style.”

4. Aleister X, @aleisterx
Andrew W.K.: “He’s a musician that I’ve worked with quite a bit. As far as his Twitter page goes, he’s able to use it to enhance his style in a way that could only come through social media. I’ve been very influenced by him as a person. His tweets aren’t always nice, but they’re always honest. He doesn’t really use his account to promote, but his tweets feel like song lyrics or an adventure into his mind. For better or worse, he doesn’t hold back and you get a full range of emotions. He’s managed to turn Twitter into a song and it’s fantastic.”

Try my new EP “Rockaway Beach” out 8/13/13- Aleister X (@AleisterX) August 8, 2013

5. Rick Ross, @rickyrozay
Andrew W.K.: “I love the simplicity of Twitter and how easy it is to navigate and the sleek look of it. What I really appreciate about his Twitter is that you feel like you’re spending a day in the life of Rick Ross through photos on the road and displays he sets up of gifts he gets on the road or things he buys. I’ve always been a fan of nice displays whether they are in store windows or in personal homes, I like the time and effort it took to arrange things in an aesthetically pleasing manner. He does this in a very bold, cool way and showcases his success in a way that let’s us be a part of it.”

6. Lil Bub, @iamlilbub
Andrew W.K.: “She’s a cat that, through the power of Twitter, has become a worldwide sensation. The personality and cuteness that come through this cat is over the top. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lil Bub and attending a birthday party for her online. If you like cute animals, you need to follow this account. Even if you’re allergic to cats like I am, this is perfect because pet dander can’t travel through the Internet.”

7. Cherie Lily, @cherielily
Andrew W.K.: “I was trying to find a hype woman to join my band and I ended up falling in love with her and we got married. She’s the only person I know that can headbang harder than me. She’s embraced Vine videos and is very comfortable with sharing behind the scenes content as well. If you’re looking for fitness tips, she offers that as well in a very positive way. Also, if you’re interested in my world and my partying, she shares things that you won’t find on my feed.”

8. Matt Sweeney, @theheavyjamz
Andrew W.K.: “He’s an amazing guitar player and is able to introduce even the most knowledgeable musician to a new sound that they’ll love and have never heard. Even if he never updated again, there is so much content on there. There are interviews with other legendary guitar legends where they explain their techniques and moves that, on their own, is enough to check out his page. He finds new bands that I’ve never heard of that he links to as well. Some people tweet 100 times a day, but this account is definitely quality over quantity. If you’re into finding new music, definitely check out this account.”

9. Smug Academic, @smugacademic
Andrew W.K.: “This is a really funny account that plays off of meme culture. They’ve interacted with me several times, and they’ve read way more books than I have, so I assume they’re trying to educate me. Sure, it’s in a smug manner, but it’s not over the top. I’m sure all of us have run into this personality type at some point and it’s a good, creative way to have fun with it.”

Earlier, a street urchin asked for some change as I walked by. I belittled him, told him to get a job, then wrote a paper about his plight.- Smug Academic (@SmugAcademic) July 19, 2013

10. Party Tips, @party_tips
Andrew W.K.: “I had a tradition of posting party tips and this person – I don’t know who it is – went through and shared all of them in one place. Like I said, I don’t know who made the account but I really appreciate it. If you’re looking for just a collection of my party tips, this is perfect because they’re all collected together in one place. I don’t think it’s been updated recently, but there’s still enough on there to get the party going.”