Andrew Shares His Public Speaking Party Tips with Shopify

Andrew recently chatted with Shopify about public speaking. Before he hits the road this fall on his 50 state speaking tour, The Power of Partying, he offered up some expert party advice along with 12 other professional public speakers. Enjoy his tips below or by clicking HERE to help you get prepared and stay confident!

Shopify: What’s the #1 thing you do to prepare?

Andrew W.K.: Right before I get on stage, I party. And then I continue the party during my entire time on stage. Then, as soon as I’m done, I keep partying all the way until my next time on stage, at which point I begin the entire process again. My main goal in life is to just never stop partying. And that’s what I talk about during my lectures.

Shopify: Is there a secret to being confident?

Andrew W.K.: Nothing makes me feel more confident than partying. But it’s a special kind of confidence, because partying also encourages a kind of strong weakness—room for doubt and confusion, and also clarity and self-assuredness. Partying does it all: Gives you access to the full range of human emotions and experiences, but allows you to experience them with an attitude of humble gratitude and rejoicing.

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