Andrew Set To Party At “Bunbury Festival” In Ohio

Andrew played a super special solo set at Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, July 12th, 2014! With his high-powered keyboard, pounding drum machine, and mega microphone, Andrew played songs from all his albums in a full-blast crowd-pumping rock ‘n’ roll solo style.

The Lantern writes, “An Andrew W.K. show is like a pit of hugs and cuddles. Every attendee becomes instant best buds, and only with sensory deprivation would anyone be able to avoid the euphoria (or the party, as W.K. might say). Even though he’s playing solo — just him and a keyboard, if it’s anything like last year’s A&R Bar show — the song will maintain the same power as if they were driven by his normal metallic texture.”

The Lantern – “Opinion: Fall Out Boy, Andrew W.K. Worth Trip To Cincinati’s Bunbury Fest.