Andrew Rumored To Be On Warped Tour 2014?

As the 2013 Vans Warped Tour ends for the year, you might think that it’s a little early to be talking about the 2014 lineup – but that’s not the case! The 2014 Vans Warped Tour is liable to be filled with surprises, hopefully of epic proportions, as the tour (which is already America’s longest running touring festival) will be celebrating its 20th year on the road.

That’s sure to lead to some some big names, as well as some big rumors, on the lineup for the tour.

Andrew W.K. is the hardest partier in rock and roll, a self-professed brony, and known for bringing energetic sets to the Vans Warped Tour, so it would be no surprise if Andrew W.K. showed up on the 20th anniversary tour. Another rumor (this one verifiable) has arisen from Kevin Lyman’s twitter, based on an exchange between Lyman and Andrew WK back in April.

Andrew W.K. posted:

@KevinLyman Just thinking about you and all the amazing times, and wanted to say THANK YOU and PARTY HARD, Kevin!

To which Lyman replied:

@AndrewWK save aug 9 and 10th 2014 for the 20th anniversary decades show have to have you on the show, to party hard with all the bands

Who knows if the exchange carries any weight, or if it was just a bit of rock and roll pillow talk? We’ll see if it transforms into actual dates.