Andrew Reveals His Party Diet

We Asked Andrew WK About His Partying Diet and Things Got Deep | Munchies | By Javier Cabral

>If you’re like us, you probably owe the first wave of your most brutal hangovers to partying as hard as Andrew WK did in his music videos in the 2000s—bloody face and all. The man is a party god, and now, 15 years after his anthem “Party Hard” was released, he remains the earth’s foremost authority on the art of having fun.

But how does food and diet play into his way of life?

MUNCHIES caught up with the legend to find out how exactly he fuels his lifestyle, how he throws a party, some tips and tricks on giving the best damn toast possible, and why the party never really stops.

Fair warning: Things got deep.

MUNCHIES: To you, what is a party?

Andrew WK: In some ways, it’s an event that involves active expressions of gratitude and celebration regarding something specific—a holiday, the weekend, whatever. But in the larger sense, or maybe the simpler sense, you can party about the ultimate event, which is being alive. In that way, it’s a mindset that is continuous. It’s my desperate struggle and effort to live that way.

What do you think parties are all about?

It really can be whatever helps express that essential excitement and gratitude and awareness. Anything that brings that sort of enthusiasm. That type of unbridled joy seems appropriate for a party.

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