Andrew Remixes Hollywood Undead

Andrew recently did two remixes Hollywood Undead’s “My Town” for their new album, “American Tragedy Redux.” Click HERE to listen to and purchase the his “Rock Remix” track.

The Los Angeles based rap-rock collective took a second pass at its year-old sophomore album “American Tragedy,” but this time allowed other artists to offer their take on the songs.

“The first time I ever heard of The Hollywood Undead, I saw their photograph. It really made an impression on me. I thought, ‘Who are these dudes?’ Time passed and I kept an eye on them and their music, watching as they climbed higher and higher and grew and grew. Then, one magical day, they reached out to me to do a remix of their ‘MY TOWN’ song. I was so thrilled! It goes to show that when something makes an impression on you, it’s your destiny speaking to you from the future. I was destined to work with The Hollywood Undead. I was so inspired by the ‘MY TOWN’ song and the opportunity that I made two remixes. One was the ‘Rock Remix’ that they released on their remix album, and the other was a deep club remix I made based on pure love for their sack full of sniffles. Their music sticks with you and I’m thankful that I got to make these remixes.” — ANDREW W.K.

In addition to Andrew’s “Rock Remix” he also did a special additional club remix of the “My Town” song, which is availble for FREE – Andrew W.K. “My Town” (Sniffles Club Mix) on Hollywood Undead’s official website. The rest of the remixes can be purchased on iTunes by clicking HERE.