Andrew Releases “I Was Born To Love You” Single In Japan

Universal Music Japan has just released a brand new recording by Andrew W.K. The song is called “I Was Born To Love You” and was originally written by Freddy Mercury and Queen. Andrew’s cover features an original arrangement and has been released to coincide with a special nationwide Japanese celebration, which features “I Was Born To Love You” as its official theme song.

The recording is currently only available for purchase in Japan, but thanks to the super fan site,, folks from around the world can listen to the recording. Go HERE to check it out.

If you live in Japan, you can download the song from iTunes HERE.

Please also visit Andrew’s official Japanese website HERE.

In further news, Andrew will be releasing a brand new 6 song Japanese EP in late March. It’s all leading up to the WORLDWIDE release of the new full length Andrew W.K. album. And for everyone who doesn’t live in Japan, don’t worry, your time is coming!