Andrew Recaps His Massive Adventures of 2012

Less a man, more a movement, Andrew W.K. reflects on his best year yet! From party puke to party busses, a world tour, and more, 2012 was nothing short of epic for Andrew and his team! How will he make 2013 even better? Read his exclusive interview with Rock Sound. Enjoy an excerpt below and click here for the full article. Warning: this interview includes the word party. A lot.

To begin, has 2012 been a resurgent year for you? Is that a fair assumption and why do you think that has been?

“It’s absolutely been our biggest year yet and I don’t really know why. It’s like a miracle. It was our 10 year anniversary, so we were certainly all thinking about the adventure this has been, and how lucky we’ve been to do it at all, let alone for a decade plus. Maybe other folks were thinking that too? Maybe it just takes time for certain things and certain people, music, and feelings to get out there all the way? This all feels like it’s still building and getting partier and partier. The feeling is really inspiring and also very humbling. It makes me realize more than ever that this party was something that we ALL built together – not just me and the band – but everyone who has ever believed in the feeling of joy, excitement, and pure fun that we’re striving to create. It’s a privilege to party together. It’s the partiest life I could ever imagine, and I’m thankful every day, to everyone.”

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