Andrew Presents The Somersault Waltz Films

Filmmaker, Edward Bursch, has been working with Andrew for several years, as they try to restore a long lost multi-part film called, “The Somersault Waltz”. Edward specifically approached Andrew to have him film an introduction to each segment.

The history of “The Somersault Waltz,” is shrouded in confusion, which added to Andrew’s initial fascination with the project. Andrew remembers first seeing the films in a couple of Ann Arbor, Michigan film festivals around 1997-1998 – the films were likely filmed in the mid-1990s, possibly by area students. Luckily, another film festival showing the work was the Dennistown Film Festival in Dennistown, ME, where copies of two original VHS submissions would later be recovered: ANTI-MATTER and RE-BOOT.

After discovering the VHSs in the Fall of 2010, a Dennistown Festival curator became equally fascinated and researched them further with Andrew’s help, only to find that the actors involved in the films had largely disappeared over the span of a few years. Even a in-depth search on the Internet turns up few clues as to where the actors are now. He more or less hit a dead-end road and needed help finding anything else possible about the films, actors and any related films that might be out there. He decided to enlist The Film Preservation Society (FPS), who in turn put together a crew of experts with+ members of The Steven Spielberg Institution for the Arts (SSIA), with the ongoing help of Andrew W.K.

The crew worked tirelessly with little to no results, until suddenly a Christmas miracle turned everything around. On December 24, 2012, while digging through the basement at the Johnstown City Film Archive Facility, they unearthed a positive 16mm print of a previously unknown later installment of the Waltz: HALF-DEAD.

While the history of this film is still being researched, it is speculated that there may even still be other clues or even films out there, which the FPS/SSIA crew hopes to recover in time. Meanwhile, A.W.K. and his team have taken up their own mission to hunt down the fabled first installment, FIRST-CLASS, although many assume that every last copy has been lost or destroyed.