Andrew Premieres Videos For “It’s Time To Party”

Andrew W.K. has premiered a new music video today with The Onion A.V. Club for his classic song “It’s Time To Party.” The song is the first track off of W.K.’s landmark 2002 debut album, “I Get Wet”, and served as an introduction to the new King of Partying. Now in support of the I Get Wet 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition coming out August 28th, 2012 via Century Media Records, the video accompaniment to this raucous party jam is finally here. Directed by Shawn Caple (who also currently directs the popular webshow, Underbelly), the “It’s Time To Party” video showcases W.K.’s infectious music and celebratory power spreading to everyone he encounters. Filmed in the surrounding areas of Princeton Junction and Maple Shade, New Jersey, we get to witness W.K. mania taking over, as it infects us too!

Andrew says: “It’s hard to believe that over 10 years have passed since the “It’s Time To Party” song was first released. This song started it all – my entire party adventure. It’s the first song on my first album and it only seemed right to finally make a video for it. Even though it’s only about a minute and a half long, this was one of the most detailed and involved video shoots I’ve ever done. We filmed for two full days and had dozens of locations and actors working with us. It was incredibly fun to make, and I think that comes through when you watch it. “It’s Time To Party” has always been the first song we’ve played in our concerts. It was the first song I wrote when I moved to New York City to start doing Andrew W.K., and it’s the first song that I ever played to other people when I was trying to get a record deal and build my band. This song declared to the world that it’s officially time to party, and all these years later, the party still hasn’t stopped.”

The I Get Wet Deluxe Reissue comes in a stunning double-gatefold vinyl LP edition or a two-CD version. In addition to the original landmark debut album by W.K., the deluxe edition extends the partying with a second disc/LP of never- before-heard live recordings, early recordings, alternate mixes, and other previously unreleased material. The deluxe packaging includes a photo-realistic oil painting of the original album cover by artist Gonzalo Garcia, as well as extensive liner notes and dozens of never-before-seen photos.

Andrew has also created 500 double-CD limited edition autographed copies, which are packaged with very unique personal items from the party king himself. These items, inserted at random, include a pair of Andrew W.K.’s own personal, stage-worn and filthy white Levi’s 501 jeans that were cut into 496 pieces, three locks of W.K.’s unwashed hair, and one lucky purchaser will receive an autographed airplane ticket stub that W.K. used to fly from Prague to New York City during the 2012 world tour. Out of consideration for the recipients of his dirty jeans and hair, a Bloody Nose Air-Freshener will also be included in every package, to help with the potential odors contained in the CD case.


DISC 1 (“I Get Wet” – The Original Album):

1. It’s Time To Party
2. Party Hard
3. Girls Own Love
4. Ready To Die
5. Take It Off
6. I Love NYC
7. She Is Beautiful
8. Party Til You Puke
9. Fun Night
10. Got To Do It
11. I Get Wet
12. Don’t Stop Living In The Red

DISC 2 (The Bonus Tracks):

1. It’s Time To Party (Live)
2. It’s Time To Party (1999 Version)
3. Party Hard (Live)
4. Party Hard (1999 Version)
5. Girls Own Love (Live)
6. Girls Own Love (1999 Version)
7. Ready To Die (Live)
8. Take It Off (Live)
9. I Love NYC (Live)
10. She Is Beautiful (Live)
11. She Is Beautiful (1999 Version)
12. Party Til You Puke (Live)
13. It Just Got Hotter (Sundogs Version)
14. Got To Do It (Keyboards Version)
15. I Get Wet (Live)
16. Don’t Stop Living In The Red (1999 Version)