Andrew Parties With Hurricane Sandy

If you suffered Sandy’s wrath this week, you probably woke up after the storm with a pretty good grasp on all the damage she incurred on your block, but without much of a sense of what things really looked like on the other side of town. To bridge some of the gap, Fader talked to Andrew about his experience weathering the wind and water. Here’s what he had to say:Andrew W.K.


Where were you? In midtown Manhattan, right around Times Square.

How did you pass the storm? Partying hard.

How was the neighborhood impacted? It seemed almost random, which buildings had power and which didn’t in our area. We live pretty high up, and you could feel the building swaying in the wind, and you could see our window’s glass bend when the wind hit it. But we just kept partying, and everything was OK. Santos Party House, the concert venue club my friends and I own down in Chinatown, is also totally fine. Thank the gods! The worst part was having to cancel the awesome shows we had lined up. I had to cancel my own Halloween show due to damaged equipment in a different venue. The storm was less intense and also more intense than I had expected. I’m really sad about what happened to the subways and to the east side downtown. It’s a weird feeling. We got wet without even trying. It’s just water, but water is powerful, a life force but also a dark force. New York City will be back together in no time, though. It’s the party nature of this powerful place.