Andrew Parties With His Hometown Ann Arbor Newspaper

In case you weren’t aware, Andrew grew up in the radical midwestern town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Andrew has long credited the amazing people and culture of this city for inspiring his life-long party dreams. The Ann Arbor News (and recently spoke with Andrew about all his adventures and ongoing love for the town that raised him. Enjoy an excerpt of the article below and continue reading here.

Rock ‘n’ roll party man Andrew W.K. was on the phone recently to talk about the release of a double CD marking the 10th anniversary of his anthemic “I Get Wet” album. But it wasn’t long before he was reflecting on his youth in Ann Arbor, his parallel career as a motivational speaker, and his involvement with a My Little Pony convention in Ohio.

My Little Pony? What in the world does Hasbro’s toy, aimed at teenage girls and enjoying a surge in popularity thank to the release of the “Friendship Is Magic” cartoon, have to do with a 33-year-old rocker known for enthusiastic excess?

W.K. (the initials stand for Wilkes-Krier, his parents’ last names) said his involvement, specifically with the pony called Pinkie Pie, isn’t as much of a reach as some might think.

“It’s all related; it’s all under the show business umbrella,” he explained. “The greatest thing, and why I fell in love and wanted to work in this field, is that you can do anything. … It’s as intertwined as I can make it and I prefer it like that.”

W.K., who now lives in New York City, has been invited to participate in a panel in Strongsville, Ohio, Sept. 28-30 to answer the question “What Would Pinkie Pie Do?” A press release for the convention calls Andrew W.K. “the real life embodiment” of the party-planning pony Pinkie Pie, and said the rocker will give motivational tips on how to “make your job as fun as your party, and your party as important as your job.”

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