Andrew On The Front Cover of ION Magazine

Andrew is on this month’s cover of ION Magazine! Enjoy an excerpt below and keep reading to find out exactly what the “party” is. Andrew also talks about what a typical day means for him, his love for computers and connecting with his fans, and being out on the open road with friends and family! Click here for more photos.

Your outlook is extremely positive. How do you approach, or deal with negativity within yourself or from others?

The vastness of anyone’s moods – to some end – add to your life experience. Being alive is an obviously positive experience. The opposite would be…an emptiness, some kind not being there. So things are inherently positive, but within that there’s a range of emotions and attitudes that it’s only healthy to have. It’s all part of the effort. You get frustrated, or you might feel competitive or hurt or jealous or insulted or whatever, and you use that to push you as much as the feeling of happiness. They all have their place.

It’s happy to feel sad sometimes. Why not get to explore the whole range of what it feels like to be human? I don’t mean a “mood” necessarily, but more the way that your body gets goose bumps or you get butterflies in your stomach. Let’s go after that and let’s feel as alive as possible. That’s really the point of all the work.