Andrew On The Cover of The Village Voice! New Weekly Advice Column!

The Village Voice has kicked off the New Year with a cover story dedicated to the launch of a new weekly advice column from New York City’s premiere King of Partying. The Ask Andrew W.K. column will appear in the print edition of the paper, as well as Village Voice online. The column aims to give readers an opportunity to delve into the accumulated life-experience, party-knowledge and cosmic-consciousness of W.K., who will endeavor to set you safely down the right left-hand path to a solution, a purpose, and (of course) a party. As Village Voice editor Brian McManus declares, “He is the Pope, Ann Landers, and Dear Abby at a raging kegger, helping talk the highest guy in the room off the chewed-up ledge of life.”

Read the latest edition of Ask Andrew W.K. HERE.

The advice column kicks off what promises to be an enormous new year for W.K. In addition to penning Ask Andrew W.K. each week, W.K. is currently writing his first book, The Party Bible, after signing an exclusive publishing deal with Simon & SchusterThe Party Bible aims to be the self-help guidebook for generations to come, giving readers insight into mankind’s purpose on earth, through the lens of hard partying – the book is a celebration of life itself and is Andrew’s personal manifesto. This comes on the heels of W.K.’s annual Party Hard Holiday Solo Tour, which concluded with a massive headlining New Year’s Eve bash at New York City’s Irving Plaza.

Have a question or problem you want to run by W.K.? Email him directly at, and read his responses weekly in print and at

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Watch a video announcement of The Party Bible HERE.