Andrew on Rhapsody’s “Producers Corner” and “On The Record”

Andrew has produced both his own pop-metal classics and records for other musicians, including art-rockers Sightings, Wolf Eyes, To Live And Shave In LA, and reggae icon Lee “Scratch” Perry, amongst many other albums, remixes, and commercial music projects. In this special video feature, Andrew discusses how he began recording with his early boombox experiments and developed the skills that would lead to his eventual albums. It’s all part of Rhapsody‘s new video series, “Producer’s Corner.” He also talks about his love of Laurie Anderson, and his aspiration to “suck the life out of sounds in a good way.”

Rhapsody also spoke to Andrew about ZZ TOP – one of his favorite groups of all time – for an “On The Record” segment. Click HERE, or watch below!