Andrew Makes A New Song With Nardwuar And Makes A Video!

In case you’re not aware of him, Nardwuar The Human Serviette is one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll personalities in the world. Hailing from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Nardwuar leads his band, The Evaporators, and also spends time interviewing musicians, amongst other incredible pursuits. If you look up Nardwuar online, you can educate yourself on this amazing man in just a few minutes. There’s too much to tell here.

Ever since he first found out about Nardwuar in 1999, Andrew’s been a massive fan of his work. In 2002, after “I Get Wet” was released in Canada, Andrew finally had the honor of being interviewed by Nardwuar for MTV. Ever since that day, the two have become better and better friends – playing shows together, releasing special songs, and now… making music videos! The song “I Hate Being Late (When I’m Early)” was written together by Nardwuar and Andrew and was recorded with his band, The Evaporators, with Andrew on keyboards and back-up vocals. The music video was filmed at the CiTR radio studio, where Nardwuar has had a weekly radio show for nearly 20 years.

The song is on Nardwuar’s newest album, “Busy Doing Nothing,” which will be pressed on special white splatered vinly and budled with a FREE 40 page calendar of vintage 1970 Punk Rock Photos. The album will be released on March 6th via Mint Records – more info HERE!