Andrew Invited To Taco Bell’s Headquarters

In early November, Andrew was personally invited by the Taco Bell Corporation to come party at their company headquarters in Irvine, California and take a private tour of their test kitchens, food workshops, and executive offices. This was a dream come true for Andrew, who has been a massive Taco Bell fan for over 25 years.

Andrew said: “Getting to visit the heart and soul of Taco Bell was like getting to visit Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. This was such an amazing experience – I felt like my whole life had been leading up to it. I got to taste-test brand new creations that haven’t even been released yet like the new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos taco! It was insane! I still can’t believe I got to see the inner workings of this incredible party palace. Thank you so much to everyone at Taco Bell for inviting me!”

Andrew also got to try other new, never-before-tasted food items, like the new Baja Blast frozen drink, the new cinnamon desert balls, and their new appetizers roll ups. Taco Bell is no stranger to Andrew and his love of their food, having already invited him to be part of their special events and projects in the past, including asking Andrew to host their Taco Bell Hunger Relief party (link to NEWS post about Conflict of Interest), and making him a main recurring character in their special scripted series, “Let’s Big Happy” (link to the series on Myspace and Netflix).

Andrew has also given away over $1,000 of Taco Bell gift cards to his friends and fans, and continues to do everything he can to spread his love of tacos to partiers everywhere. “This means a lot to me,” said Andrew. “Taco Bell is the restaurant version of my partying power.”

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