Andrew Guest Stars In New Series “We Can Do It!”

In the latest two minute episode of We Can Do It!, watch Andrew W.K. explain the nitty gritty of living life to the fullest when Becky Stark asks him, “What is the difference between Partying and Partying HARD?”

This is Andrew’s second appearance on the show. He first appeared on We Can Do It! in the two minute premiere episode where he and host Becky Stark from Lavender Diamond sang each other’s hit songs. Hear Andrew sing soprano in the full episode below or click here to view it.

WCDI has new episodes every Tuesday and Andrew is a frequent guest on the show along with John C. Reilly, Damian Kulash (OK Go), Jena Malone, and more. Learn more at and stay tuned.

The show is directed by Peter Glantz with artwork by Ron Regé, Jr. We Can Do It! is produced by The Imaginary Company, the same people who made Andrew’s “I Want To See You Go Wild” music video!

Brooklyn Vegan – “Becky Stark Hosts New Web Series; Watch First Episode With Andrew W.K.