Andrew Gives Pitchfork His Top 10 Partiest Things He’s Mentally Visualized This Year

This year, Pitchfork invited artists to submit lists of their favorite things from 2012 – music-related or not. Andrew supplied them with a top ten list of the partiest things he’s mentally visualized in the past year. Enjoy his full list below or click here.

Top 10 Partiest Things I’ve Mentally Visualized This Year

10. I visualized what your face would look like when you read this list.

9. I visualized what it would feel like to smash a false wall with a small stone.

8. I visualized what it would feel like to become the President of the United States and crawl on my hands and knees through every room in the White House.

7. I visualized what it would sound like if I watched movies real loud in a small outdoor shed where I installed a large sound system, an amber colored lamp, a medium sized couch, a mini-fridge, and a microwave for burritos.

6. I visualized what the total amount of pizza ever made in the history of Earth would look like if it was piled into a huge pizza mountain.

5. I visualized giving up all fear.

4. I visualized roley poley baby bears nestling and tumbling on beds of pine needles and clover.

3. I visualized what it would taste like to eat $3 all at once.

2. I visualized what it would smell like to live under somebody’s bed for six years without them knowing.

1. I visualized how good it will feel to keep on partying with the whole world forever.