Andrew Gives Away $500 of Taco Bell

On Tuesday, July 24th, 2012, Andrew gave away $500 worth of Taco Bell gift certificates. He conducted the giveaway on the computer using his official Twitter page. Party people interested in winning the $500 were asked to write “PARTY HARD” on a wall somewhere and send Andrew a photo of the words. In the end, one young man went above and beyond and actually tattooed the words “Party Hard!” directly onto his leg. This winner’s name was “Boris The Blade” and his friend “Brody Paul” gave him the custom tattoo at the spur of the moment. Their hopes to win the taco cash elevated them into a rare realm of party insanity, and in the end they clearly rose above the competition with a courageous and crazy dedication to tacos and partying. See the photo of the tattoo below, the details from the giveaway, and Andrew displaying the 100 $5 gift certificates. This continues Andrew’s long time love-affair with Taco Bell, which reached new levels of passion after Andrew was given the opportunity to star in Taco Bell’s TV series, “Let’s Big Happy” – read more on their blog and watch on Netflix, and actually live inside the Taco Bell purple taco truck. Andrew was also rewarded with a special purple Taco Bell credit card that gives him unlimited free Taco Bell for life.

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