Andrew Gets Drawn by Mary Doodles

Andrew gets super-powered in the latest video from Mary Doodles! From spreading pure joy, to prancing and galloping, watch Mary draw Andrew’s amazing party abilities above or by clicking HERE.

Andrew met Mary Doodles at Maker Studios, where they filmed scenes for Andrew’s kids show, Meet Me At The Reck. Then Andrew told Mary about his party powers and she decided to make them come to life through her awesome drawing skills!

Mary Doodles, best known for her hypnotic time-lapsed paintings, has attracted over 200,000 followers and over 17,000,000 video views on her Youtube channel. Her unique blend of Video, visual art and storytelling has led her to collaborations with Disney, Tribeca and Youtubers like Mike Tompkins and Kassem G. She also hosts a second channel (MoreMaryDoodles) of inspirational vlogs and comedy videos. Beyond the internet Mary is a regular performer at the Westside Comedy Theater. Currently she lives in Los Angeles making art videos by day and improv comedy by night.