Andrew Expresses Gratitude And Ballsiness

Andrew sat down with Zimbio for an exclusive interview and talked about his teenage dream of becoming a professional partier, watching his destiny unfold before his eyes, enjoying taco bell, and more! Read an excerpt below and continue to the full article by clicking here.

Andrew is big on gratitude. He not only poses for photographs with the fans who have approached him but asks about their lives in New York and thanks them for their kindness. He expresses his appreciation for everything — his parents, his wife’s parents, former coworkers, comic books, bronies, my interview questions. He’s also thankful for the August 28 re-release itself, which he’ll celebrate with an appearance on Conan, a secret show in Los Angeles, and a parking lot party at Century Media Records. “This is the first album that we ever made, so it’s been at the core, perpetually at the root of all experiences that we’ve ever had, so I don’t want to ever lose sight of it,” he insists.

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