Andrew Dives Deep into Partying

Party On: Andrew W.K. On the Hidden Depths of Partying | Glide Magazine

No one parties like Andrew W.K. The musician/writer/lecturer has turned the concept of “partying” into something of a philosophy, one that pushes forward the ideals of self-improvement, knowledge, and enjoying life. No longer is partying just an excuse to have fun and drink with your friends. Under the tutelage of Andrew W.K., partying is an essential method to living your fullest possible life.

The singer recently embarked on a massive speaking tour, one that hits all 50 states, in order to better present his philosophical approach to partying to audiences in a new way, but by no means is that an indication that his music career is over. In fact, readers in Texas have the opportunity to see the rocker bring the party to Denton this weekend when he hits the stage at Oaktopia Fest.

We recently had the chance to speak with the rocker about his career, his speaking engagements, and the deeper meaning behind the word “party” as well as the evolution of his philosophy as he’s gotten older.

Eddie Kautsch: Your 50 state speaking tour seems to far outweigh the amount of musical performances you will be doing for the remainder of the year. Do you find this is a more effective approach to conveying your message?

Andrew W.K.: When it comes to shows, music says everything and more that words can never say… but words have a very direct and literal power, when discussing partying. So music is the sound of partying, and words are the intellectual side. And now we get to discuss that. I’ve ever done a full lecture tour like this… I’ve never done a 50 show/50 state tour either. this is a new experience for me. I may never do it again, and I’m excited… I’m excited to preach the power of partying.

E.K.:Do you see yourself doing more of this in the future? Is this a long-term shift of focus, or is music always going to be on the forefront?

A.W.K.: Partying is the forefront, the feeling of being alive, the life force, that is what i serve…that is my focus, that is what I worship, i get that through music, I get that through talking with you right now, actually…I want to do whatever I can do to communicate THAT, that feeling…so That is the focus….I’ve been doing these lectures, this is the tenth anniversary of the lectures, I usually just to them one-off here and there, this is the first real big lecture tour…if the people what me do more, I’ll do more…I’m at the mercy off the party sprit… and whatever the party spirit demands of me, that what’s I’ll do. I’m never going to stop music.

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